Canine Rooms

Canine Rooms

Our standard rooms are lovely private quarters large enough for any size guest. Each guest will receive a bed and a blanket which housekeeping will launder as needed. The rooms feature solid surface walls in warm colors as well as a glass door to let in natural light. The rooms are designed to keep noise to a minimum while allowing for maximum air circulation. We want all guests to enjoy their stays. Standard Canine Rooms are $20.00/night.  Each additional guest in the same room is $20.00/night.


Canine Room Service Menu

Please inquire for pricing.


A tired dog is a happy dog! Let your dog get the most enjoyment possible while you are away. Your dog will spend the day playing with his canine buddies or his human buddies. All dogs 9 months and older must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play. First time attendees are required to have a temperament test performed.

KONG Treats

If your dog was a human would he rather curl up with a good book than play? If yes, this is for your dog! Your pet will receive a KONG toy filled with treats to entertain the brain and tummy. *If you would like to purchase the KONG toy to take home, there is an additional product fee.


We would be happy to brush your dog while you are away. Please remember that this does not take the place of a professional groom and we will not be able to remove matted hair. If your dog has an especially long haircoat or mats, it is best to schedule with Barking Barbershop.


Let us professionally file your dog’s nails while you are away. Doing this regularly will allow the quick in your dog’s nails to shorten allowing us to trim the nail shorter. This means that your dog is less apt to scratch floors or break a nail.

Teeth Brushing/Dental Screen

We know it is hard to find the time to brush your dog’s teeth. Let us do it for you. Included in this is a free toothbrush for your dog and a dental health screening!

Happy Hour

Does your dog need a little extra playtime to get settled down for the night? If yes, give him/her an additional evening playtime before bed. This is not group play.

Bedtime Cookie and Tuck - Priceless!

No dog should go to sleep without being tucked into bed. As we check each dog and everyone gets settled in for the night, your pet will receive a special bedtime cookie. There is no charge for this service, and there never will be as our staff enjoys this time as much as your dog does. If your pet has allergies or you would rather your dog did not receive a treat, please let us know.

Special Requests

Does your dog need something extra that you do not see on the menu? We are happy to provide additional services to keep your dog as comfortable as possible while you are away. Special services clients have requested include extra potty breaks, leash walks, ball time with staff, pet massage with Megan, a shopping trip to the retail area up front to buy a new toy, etc. Just ask!

Items from Cottonwood

We offer 24/7 veterinary care from Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic. Services such as vaccines, ear checks, anal gland expression, and more can be performed while your pet is with us for daycare or boarding. If you need items such as medication refills, Heartgard Plus, Sentinel Spectrum, or Nexgard we are happy to get these for you with no additional service fee. Please let us know what items you need, and we will have the items waiting for you at checkout.